New Stuff

There are three new galleries depicting the restoration of a 1967 Triumph TR6, the rebuilding and conversion to a sidecar rig of a 1973 BMW R75/5 and the start of the restoration of a 1974 Norton Commando.

The Folder of Columns from Limey Lines - the newsletter of the CBMC - is now complete.  Some of these are Technical articles, others are episodes from trips or restorations.  There is one book review.

All of the Chapters from the book including the West Virginia and Pennsylvania Trip and the Trip to Acadia are now installed and available.  These are in the book, but the versions here are rewritten and expanded.  I am also gradually making additions to the next book on the 2012 trip West.  I just recently re-wrote the first three chapters on preparation and rewrote and installed the first nine chapters which take us as far as a very weird motel in Utah. Chapters eight and nine were added on May 12.

The Folder on the 2013 trip will have a new blog every few days. When Pat and I are actually on this trip I hope to renew this daily. Or you can check out searchofweird.tumblr for the updates.

Also there are new galleries of photos from trips and bikes seen in museums and shows.


Welcome to The Search of the Weird web site.  There are several kinds of topics in the individual pages and folders.   There are the stories of specific trips,   other components of my self-published book,  Galleries of photos both weird and beautiful, and columns from "Limey Lines" the newsletter of the Classic British Motorcycle Club of Cincinnati.  I'll add other categories as the need arises.  Also check out the link to the CBMC web site.  Those guys are not right in the head.  The knightsknitting link is to my daughter's knitting website.

Check the Information page for the Disclaimer.  This gives you a sense of the breadth of the content.  My hope is that I will attract a broad audience, not only bikers and restorers.  Motorcycle travel and restoration is the background, the thread that ties things together into a narrative, but you are likely to find yourself reading the stories of my ancestors or musings on philosophy, psychology, metaphysics, relationships, the trials of aging and Weird discoveries.  What ties it all together is humor, irreverence, a fascination with the weirdness of people and the world, the desire to see what's beyond the next hill, and the direct experience of life.    

I usually assume that my audience knows little about motorcycles or biker culture and I write accordingly.  You will find a Glossary that will help with motorcycle terms in the Book folder.   

I keep adding chapters and blogs of what is currently happening. Check "New Stuff to see what I have updated recently.

Let me know what you think.  If you find something weird on the road, send me a picture and tell the story and I'll find a place for it on the site.  In the meantime, follow your bliss,  keep the shiny side up,  and ride easy.